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"She is a story spinner making the magic of story seem more real than everyday things, shining the magic in story onto everyday things, showing us the web of creation that holds all our stories, showing us the wholeness of them at each phase of their becoming."

therapist, writer, Vancouver B.C.

About Dale

Dale Adams Segal has loved stories and words since childhood. She has been "storying" all of her life. As a child she would dream her books and recite them to parents and friends whenever they would listen. She received her university degrees in theatre and dramatic arts. In 1979 she began to write professionally for television and undertook further study about the healing potential of "storying." She has been facilitating writing workshops in community and healing centers, medical clinics, and colleges since 1993.

In 1995 she opened her own writing studio, The Writing Tables in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. To date, she has accompanied hundreds of writers and individuals. She has worked with those who, surviving such traumas as the Holocaust, illness, pain, and loss, have discovered access to the meaning of their stories and their deep worth. She has worked with writers who wished to publish and published writers who wished to write more. She has written award winning television for children's and family education. In 2001 in response to her students' many requests. she published, The Hour Stories: An Inspirational Technique for Writing Story, the essence of her teaching.

She is the mother of two beautiful daughters and the grateful friend of many. Currently residing in Canada with her husband, she continues to facilitate writing story in group and private practice, offering workshops and retreats in her studio as well as outside of it. She is presently working on two more books about writing, The Courage to Craft and Under the Belly of the Dragon: The Hero's Journey and is completing her first novel, The Gobelin's Secret.

"Thank you for your great wisdom, generosity, faith, and compassion. Thank you for providing/creating the container within which I have been able to speak my story. Your presence in my journey has been a great gift."

Helen Mintz, author and storyteller, Vancouver B.C.