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Guest Book

Please write to me and share your experiences. The Guest Book allows you to enter your comments or suggestions. This book is moderated and messages will appear once they have been reviewed. In all cases, the views expressed here are solely of the person submitting the entry. Thank you for your contribution.

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Guest Book Entries

"You have a rare and wonderful gift. Your gift made it possible for me to glimpse one hundred worlds and one thousand stories inside my own heart. I thank you for each of these worlds and each of these stories."


"Thank you so much for The Hour Stories. As I sit at my desk this morning full of ideas for stories, I felt I must thank you, because all of these ideas started out as difficult truths that might have been left there weighing me down in ways not helpful to growth and moving on. Instead they are being birthed as stories, and much to my surprise, some of the really tough stuff is being loved. Before you, I did not understand that this was possible. Thank you so much…"

M.M. Vancouver, B.C.

"I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your Story Cards. It's really worked well for me and I appreciate having them so much. I think you've done a terrific job on them and so I just wanted to thank you. Thank you so much."

J.L. Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you for the inspirational writing cards. I feel honored to have my own signed set. I look forward to using them throughout the years."


"Hurrah! Now the rest of the world can share the magic of your wonderful inspired writing tables!"

E.A., writer. White Rock, B.C.

"We are delighted to celebrate this great adventure with you. We feel privileged to share in your great joy of writing and are kindled by your warmth and outpouring of support of all our written treasures. May your influence continue to be felt near and far as your Story Cards are shared by families and friends far and wide…"

J.M., Vancouver, B.C.

"The cards are beautiful. Each one is a work of art and together amazingly, they do catch the spirit of the Writing Tables. Thank you for your deep work."



"Your story cards have worked so well. When I look back on pieces I have written, the ones I like best were generated from the cards. Thank you."

Johanne Leach, Poppy Productions

"It is through your encouragement and trust that I have found the voices that call to me. Writing of and into those voices has been a deep profound liberating and joyful experience. I will always remember what a gift you have given."


"Deepest thanks for a beautiful course. You have led me to some remarkable places and enabled me to recognize some profound changes I was ready for. More than that, you have given me the courage and the inspiration to continue."

T.L., fund raiser and social activist, writer, Vancouver, B.C

"All those nights of writing opened doors for me, helped me to have the courage to develop who I am. I thank you for opening the spaces and the places that called to me. I'll be forever grateful."

A.K., writer, journalist, Vancouver, B.C.

"Dale, I look back on my first class at The Writing Tables and then through the following five years of writing The Hour Stories with you and I feel awe and such gratitude.  Awe at the stories from my childhood which emerged, lines scratched out, words misspelled, but on the paper in front of me, stories!  Without you and the affirming non-judgmental space you hold with your great listening heart, my tentative words and fumbling sentences would never have continued on to become beautiful stories. 

I thought my childhood was pretty ordinary and boring!  Now I know we all carry wonder filled stories within us.  Thank you Dale for helping me find the courage and faith to tell my stories and then also to value them.  I am deeply grateful to Dale and The Writing Tables for her writing  cards giving me the wondrous space for these stories to be written and voiced. Blessings to you and your ongoing work."

Rita Kranabetter,  sometime . . . story teller, writer, clown,
Vancouver, B.C.