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"When we touch our stories, we begin to understand that ultimately our path is creation, and we may begin to understand and truly see what we have created, where we are going, and where we would like to go. Story graces us."


We are story. Each of us has a beginning and a middle and an end. Story is what we live, each day, each night, and all the days and nights for the rest of our lives. Discovering story within us frees us from the limits that our experiences may impose upon us and helps us to discover and connect with the extraordinary –– both within and without ourselves.

Story is not linear. It spills out unfolding and unfolding. If we reach in to touch a ripple, if we listen to it's feeling, it will carry us effortlessly to its meaning and its potential. And story will tell itself. If we allow it to, story will take us to where we ultimately yearn to go. If we do not censure it or order it, if we can learn to open to it, then we allow story to light a way. Story awakens us, engages us with the unfolding of our deepest understanding and connection, our deepest meaning.

Story's essence is inner meaning, beyond the rational and the logical and the justifiable, for the meaning of story lies within the realm of spirit. No matter if the story is about the city or the relationship, the ordinary world or the extraordinary, when we listen deeply within each story, story speaks of the spirit and the deep living within each of us.

Our truest writing comes from connecting to our desire to write. Being patient and still, taking the time to listen is the beginning. Once we have connected to a moment that lives, writing without censure brings forth a written piece of power. Give yourself the gift of time and truth and write! It is with my hope that you will discover your own stories and the abundant possibility there. At first, you may not comprehend where you are going, but if you stay long enough in the midst of it all, without compression without judgment, story will be an affirmation, a revelation to you.

"Story connects us - to ourselves, to each other, and to every living thing, to everything. Story opens the space of meaning and expresses, validates the profound mystery and significance of being alive."